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Updated: April 16, 2013

LIFE TO SKIN … A new and refreshing Australian all-natural skin care range!

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Labor of Love for designer Aldo Virtich.
Aldo Virtich is the man behind LIFE TO SKIN, one of Australia’s newest and most exciting skin care ranges


His products are made from one hundred per cent natural and certified organic essential oils and ingredients.

They have the mystical and life-giving properties of pure botanicals, and are designed to enhance both beauty and the mind.

Aldo’s inspiration for the range came from a trip to Eurpoe in 1992 when he discovered that his early European forefathers were renowned for creating natural and therapeutic skincare, derived from their pristine, mountainous environs.
It gave him inspiration, became his mission, and has led to the current impressive range of world class products.

Success comes naturally to Aldo Virtich.

He also runs one of Australia’s most successful architectural and interior design firms that boasts an impressive portfolio of top-shelf properties in some of Australia’s most exclusive suburbs.

Aldo Virtich doesn’t cut corners and the result is a wonderful line of products that are among the best on the market.

The Life to Skin range includes:

  Cleansers  Revealer 
 Mist   Facial Serums
 Masks  Treatments
 Body Care  And more 


 Contact Details: Life2Skin – Rhelma 
Phone No: 0402062974
Email: [email protected]
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